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However you get around Samui, by foot or car, you will find a wealth of natural beauty.

The island is small enough to easily drive a car around and discover new things and unique places.

A sense of adventure will be heavily rewarded with everything from shopping and restaurants to pleasant hikes, jungle drives, waterfalls and spectacular tropical views. Private boat trips make magical memories and can either show you this most beautiful island or the wonders of the Ang Thong Marine National Park. 

Ang Thong Marine Park

Most of the islands consist of limestone mountains about 30 to 1300 feet (10 to 400 meters) above sea level. Because the limestone can change its structure easily, by both chemical condition and weather the islands have developed many strange-looking caves and cliffs. Indeed, some islands look like ancient Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Prasart Hin Pimai in Thailand’s north-east province. In the national park you can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, stunning (and optionally climb-to) view points overlooking the Emerald lake and surrounding island and also find a quiet beach on which to relax and have lunch.

Diving and Snorkeling (Koh Tao area)

Explore the underwater world in the Gulf of Thailand with us. Whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner, 100 Degrees East is the diving center that we recommend. They provide a professional, safe service, and they can come to your own villa to discuss your diving needs.  With a fast, safe and reliable dive boat, steering you clear of the crowds at the dive sites, it is comfortable and uncrowded, with the maximum number of divers limited to only 10.

Samui Highlights

Explore the island’s natural beauty and treasures.  There are various highlights:

  • Big Buddha Temple

  • Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks

  • Temple of the Mummified Monk

  • Na Muang Waterfalls

  • Fisherman’s Village

Thai Cooking Class


This is a “must do” class for all guests who are interested in learning how to cook Thai cuisine.

Book a Thai Cooking lesson where you will have fun cooking up a feast in no time! Have fun, learn heaps and savor the rewards of a culinary experience like no other. 

Nearby Beaches to WHITE PALM VILLAS

Some of the worlds most beautiful beaches can be found on Samui, the closest to WHITE PALM:

  • Samrong (a.k.a secret) Beach - 0 km

  • Thongson Beach - 1km

  • Cheong Mon Beach - 2km

  • And many more around the Island 

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